Tips To Help Protect Your Smart Phone’s Electronics In Cold Weather

December 17, 2013 

protect phone electronicsSmartphones can be a lifeline but they are not quite compatible with extremely cold weather.  Here are some tips to help you protect your smartphone during the cold weather.

1. Gloves are imperative for keeping your hands warm, but it can be quite frustrating to do anything on your smartphone with them on.  The screens on smartphones operate on the conductivity of electricity from the body and the gloves prevent this from occurring.  You can however tackle this problem by getting gloves fitted with conductive fabric on the tip of the index fingers. Another option is to use a stylus pen.

Some smart phones can are unable to withstand low temperatures and the batteries deplete faster during cold temperatures.  If your smartphone shuts down during extreme cold weather conditions, do not attempt to switch it back on immediately as it could damage the battery.  Instead, wait until you are in a warm setting before switching it back on.

Keep your phone warm by placing it inside your pocket. Doing this will enable it to absorb some of your body heat.  You can also keep your smart phone warm by keeping it in a case.  You should also never leave your phone in a parked car. However, if you do so, ensure that it is turned off.

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