Seven Tips To Help You Save Energy and the Environment

December 15, 2013 

Save money on electric billIf you want to play a part in preserving planet earth, here are seven changes you can make that will also reduce your electricity bill.

1. Adjust your thermostat.
During the summer and winter months, adjust your thermostat setting to 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 68 degrees respectively. If you are able to tolerate a lower setting, all the better. Ceiling fans can be used to alleviate your discomfort at higher settings.

2. Change your bulbs.
If you have incandescent bulbs, replace them with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). These bulbs last up to ten times longer and utilize 70% less energy. Compact fluorescent bulbs are a little more expensive; however, a 23 watt CFL can save you up to $6.16 annually as opposed to a 100 watt incandescent bulb.

3. Switch off when not in use.
Switch off lights and other electronics such as computers, if you are not using them.

4. Seal Windows and doors.
You can prevent drafts by by simply weather proofing and sealing windows and doors. This is because even a small space can let in a lot of air.

5. Dry your clothes the old fashioned way.
Line dry your clothes whenever possible, as doing this can save you as much as $96 annually. This is because the dryer uses a lot of electricity.

6.Adjust your water heater temperature.
You can conserve energy by adjusting your water heater temperature to 120 degrees farenheit.

7. Clean Your air conditioner.
Cleaning your air conditioner regularly or replacing the filter can also assist in reducing your energy usage.