Plant Outages In Texas Nearly Cause Power Grid Failure

January 15, 2014 

power-plantTwo unexpected failures of power plants in Texas brought the state power grid to its knees during the massive winter storm that hit at the beginning of January.  The problem with the failures was noted because, had the state power grid lost one more plant, it would have shut down the entire state’s power.  These outages are worrisome because of the massive need for electricity in the summer and winter.

When people are heating their homes in the winter, they can increase damage for energy so much that the grid may not be able to keep up.  Even though a crisis was averted during the winter storm, the state power companies are concerned about what will happen during the brutally-hot Texas summers.  As people are pining for cool air in their homes, the power companies will have to keep up and inform customers on how to conserve energy so that a catastrophic failure does not happen during the summer.