3 Easy Ways to Lower Your Winter Electric Bill

November 24, 2013 

Thermometer in WinterIn Texas, the highest electricity bills obviously occur in the summer.  But did you know the season with the second highest bills is the winter?

Don’t let your winter electricity bills be higher than they should be.  By taking a few minutes to plan your winter heating strategy, you can significantly lower your winter utility bills.

Three of the easiest ways to lower your winter electricity bill:

  1. Keep your thermostat set to 70 degrees.  Every degree above 70 degrees raises your monthly electricity bill by 10%!  By turning it down below 70 degrees while you’re at work and while asleep, you can save even more.  A programmable thermostat makes this easy.
  2. One of the main energy-loss locations in a home is windows.  Caulk and weather-strip your windows to avoid heat loss from old drafty windows, and use heavy curtains for another level of insulation.
  3. Run space heaters only when needed, and only in rooms being used at that moment.  There is no need to run space heaters in bedrooms while the family is in other parts of the home.  Close the doors to rooms that are not being used.